Boatyard Charges 2018

Bryher Boatyard specialise in providing the most comprehensive and professional service for the care and repair of leisure craft in Scilly. We take a pride in providing top quality workmanship to achieve the highest standard of boatcare for our boat and boatshare owners of Powercats, Island Pilots and other quality boats in Scilly.

Collection Or Delivery

We will collect and deliver your boat to and from our boatyard to anywhere in Scilly.

Each trip £35

Price is for main boat delivery, whether towed or otherwise, tenders and accompanying gear charged at 50%

Mooring Rental

Professionally maintained and inspected moorings for small craft up to 7.5 metres
Location, Bryher, New Grimsby and Old Grimsby

Per Day £15
Per Week £80
Season £595

Recovery Or Launch And Haulage

Boat length in metres x £18

Repairs, Maintenance And Service

Our boatcare package will ensure your boat is kept in top condition, which includes pressure wash after haul out, cleaning and packing up gear, de-rigging sails, service engines, repairs, maintenance and servicing, packing up, shrink wrapping or fitting winter cover, storage of boat in yard and gear inside, un-packing boat and gear, re-rigging sails, motors, clean, checks and fuel prior to launch.

Per hour £30

Annual Storage

Boats are stored in the boatyard and gear. Sails and covers in our store room.

Boats – Multiply length x beam in metres x £43

Sails & Covers – £10 per box

Shrinkwrap materials – Length of boat + 30% x £12


We can sell your boat or share and charge a percentage of the final selling price. 10%

Boatyard Customers

Life Jackets and Buoyancy aid rental. FREE
Tender / Outboard / Trailer rental. FREE
Waterskis / Wakeboards and Tow Ropes rental. FREE
Fishing Rods / Reels rental. FREE
Push Bike Storage. £10 ea
Kayak Storage. £10 ea

Subject to availability and space and British Marine Federation terms of business. All prices exclude VAT.


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