A fun way to explore the island

Kayaking is a fun and exciting way to spend time outdoors, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. It’s a great way to create lasting memories with friends and family and our single and double kayaks are a great way to explore the The Isles of Scilly, which are well known for their stunning natural beauty, with crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and stunning landscapes.

Kayak hire costs:

At the Isles of Scilly Boat Hire, we offer both single and double kayak hire that can be hired hourly, for an entire day, or for a full week. Our kayak hire starts from £15 per hour.

Single and double kayak hire costs

Hourly rate: Type of kayak Cost:
First hour Single £15
First hour Double £18
Second hour Single £10 (£25)
Second hour Double £12 (£30)
Third hour Single £8 (£33)
Third hour Double £10 (£40)
Hourly rate thereafter Single £5 (£38)
Hourly rate thereafter Double £8 (£48)
Daily rate: Type of kayak Cost:
First day Single £50
First day Double £60
Second day Single £40 (£90)
Second day Double £50 (£110)
Third day Single £30 (£120)
Third day Double £40 (£150)
Daily rate thereafter Single £25 (£145)
Dailly rate thereafter Double £35 (£185)

Please note: There is a delivery and collection charge when requesting SUP hire from New Grimsby (£5) or Old Grimsby (£10). For further information, please contact us on 01720 422 702.

Kayak Hire includes:

Dedicated hand over with instructions on use
All safety equipment including lifejackets
Total support from our on-the-water workboats
Bases on St. Mary’s and Bryher

Isles of Scilly Kayak Hire
Isles of Scilly Kayak Hire
Isles of Scilly Kayak Hire

Bookings and enquiries

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team, or have further questions on any of our boats, kayaks or SUPs, please telephone 01720 422 702 or email info@islesofscilyboathire.com.

Looking for other boat hire options?

Regular visitors to the Isles of Scilly understand that life here revolves around the sea. If you’re planning on spending a summer’s day pottering around the islands, you’ll want to do so in one of our Powercats, Island pilots, Sealegs Amphibious Ribs, or Kayaks.